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Now we will work with the currency which is indicated in the upper right corner In this case there are marked four pairs on which we will work is the Euro dollar canadian dollar pound dollar and dollar franc we are now on the website of the broker poket opsn. here we have a lot of interesting tools but to make a decision about the purchase and sale of the option we here in MetaTrader metatrader will move on. and so in this tool sewn templates templates this strategy which work very much. space, and so what is a template here on this chart for example take the Euro dollar here you may download here ready ready Strategies in the form of graphic symbols What this means click the right button on the schedule and we see that there exists BM download download template which is the template Let's Load some other template like this one here, what we see We see that by downloading this template we have a new indicators And calculation of these indicators takes place through certain after some mathematical scheme in this case, the strategy is already tested and it works. so it is already possible to earn money How to install on the MetaTrader What How to do so appeared here such Here it will be in the future Now, lesson shared Let's see what the indicators are Just for fun dancing Here even audible indicator If you are doing your business. To further You can run up and bet on the the sound indicator to assess the situation. and so to remove it, click the right button and worms live indicator all indicators that there is, and can each indicator each indicator to adjust so your needs there are all the possible configuration changes and so how do we work with such a template, for example we can set for example we know from the work schedule, how can we find the end of the graph and the actual point on which we will focus on the in the right part of the screen was the real real. currency the value of currency at this time that we find here is such here's the badge and slaps it twice and you see we are at a point real-time. to here to determine whether we Need to work with this indicator or not you can go through the History of its we turn the wheel and look at how these indicators are correct that is what it means to indicators Pro so what if we real-time was here at this point let us turn to a crosshair, And if we had been here we'd have won the money If there would also our option to sell currency, in this case, the Euro dollar would be successful go ahead look at the history and appreciate the very strategy Here would be successful y. And is traded with virtual money that We study in this case we lose that is, we will not refund the Deposit, the money that you put in And we play because we follow not a strategy but simply one indicator I wanted to show how it works the strategy itself and how it works the indicator in a separate so to speak in a separate window of this broker that is, the indicator goes lower and lower Despite the fact that as long it is below the oversold long time it is time to buy t in his opinion And if we look Real what MetaTrader the fact that he told us to sell it met our expectations here is Where we would have been here if sold Therefore you should always evaluate the very strategy it is good strategy in this case because it here would have helped us and here we were works well sho-me here and here he is again, he says sell, you sell Euro dollar So we got back on the broker and so here we have an announcement that the result is zero that is $ 39 to us back we took out to buy in the hope t

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